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It is essential to use lift maintenance services for proper operation and functioning of the lift and for efficient use of the resources.

According to the TECH ENGINEERING GROUP service standard, each elevator passes the preliminary technical examination after which the individual schedule of service intensity is established.

The service is carried out according to the international management standard ISO 9001 for administrative part and guidelined by harmonized EU standards and directives for technical part: EN 81-1 / 52, EN 81-20 / 50, Directive 2014/33 / EU.

Team of the engineers of TECH ENGINEERING GROUP constantly undergoes technical refresher courses at the manufacturer’s base, accordingly, settlement of problems is ensured within the shortest period. TECH ENGINEERING GROUP offers the customers service on the scale of Georgia with a centralized system, stipulating technical support of the qualified specialists in 24/7 regime.

With consideration of the budget it is available to choose service package of various category.


TECH ENGINEERING GROUP offers consulting services for complex engineering solutions. The specialized team will help you to minimize project costs and risks. We also offer modernization packages for existing lifts.

The competence of Tech Engineering Group Encompasses also HVAC and MEP project planning, tendering, supervising and installation. We have experienced project designers in Water Grid Planning, Electric works, Heating-Ventilation-Airconditioning systems.

Our experienced team have implemented lots of interesting projects throughout Georgia. 

Consultation at the initial designing stage

We offer you individual consulting service stipulating designing of lifting-and-shifting equipment, establishment of optimal specifications, comprising of correct choice of lifts, escalators, shaft characteristics, materials and systems being in interconnection with them. Also establishment of passenger traffic intensity of a building - structure relying on computer simulation analysis and giving appropriate recommendations.

Consultation at current project stage

We offer you individual consulting service for the purpose of effective settlement of the problems originated during the project.


Online Questionnaire

This is online form that will assist us to become better familiar with your problem and contact you. You can fill in the questions, where you can write name of the product desirable for you, in case of a lift - the purpose of a building, quantity of floors, quantity of units, load-carrying ability, address of a building and name of a facility, in case of an escalator - their quantity.

In case of a lift:


- Quantity of units

- Quantity of floors

- Purpose of a building (hotel, dwelling house, etc.)

- Address of a building

- Load-carrying ability of a lift

In case of escalator:


- Quantity of units

- Purpose of a building (hotel, shopping center, etc.)

- Address of a building

In case of spare parts:


- Name of a part

- Quantity of a part