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Company Vision

“TECH ENGINEERING GROUP" is the leading company in Georgia in the field of supply, installation and service of elevators, escalators and lifting systems." TECH ENGINEERING GROUP “establishes the world-recognized modern standards and technologies in the Georgian market. The competitive advantage of the company is highly qualified personnel and accumulated experience over decade.

Company Goal

The ultimate goal of  “TECH ENGINEERING GROUP” is to be leading company and to promote innovations in the field, to improve the staff qualifications constantly, to offer potential customized service packages and to optimally apply existing company experiences in every project.

Company Main Activities

  •  Customized project planning for Elevators and escalators

  •  Consultancy

  •  Technical solutions/support

  •  Supply

  •  Installation and post-maintenance services to support the life cycle of the products

  •  Elevator modernization with innovative products

  • HVAC and MEP project planning, tendering, supervision and installation

Company Policy

TECH ENGINEERING GROUP policy is to work with only high quality product manufacturers and to operate with standards developed by them during the whole life cycle starting from project planning, including installation and post-installation maintenance.

The company operates according to ISO quality assurance management system and uses MODULE H1 certification accepted by European Parliament and the Council of Europe for lift design, installation and maintenance systems. Also, Lift models sold by TECH ENGINEERING GROUP have EC Type Examination Certificates issued by the European Notified Body. Installation is carried out according to EN standardization- EN 81-1 / 2 + A3; EN81-50 standards and 2014/33 / EU Directive.

The competence of Tech Engineering Group Encompasses also HVAC and MEP project planning, tendering, supervising and installation. We have experienced project designers in Water Grid Planning, Electric works, Heating-Ventilation-Airconditioning systems. Our experienced team have implemented lots of interesting projects throughout Georgia. 

Development of educational programs in education sphere

Management of TECH ENGINEERING GROUP, for the purpose of market stimulation, attempts to make its contribution in vocational education improvement measures. Since 2014 our employees have been participating in development of 040860 and 040855 vocational education standards by DACUM methodology: “Elevator Technician” and “Mechanic of Hoisting-and-Transport Machines and Elevators ” and “Escalator Technician”.

On the basis of these standards, by coordination of the National Center for quality enhancement of the Ministry of education, personnel of  TECH ENGINEERING GROUP together with the invited group of professionals in 2015 developed vocation educational program in mentioned specialties for adoption at vocational educational institutions. In particular, the technical director of TECH ENGINEERING GROUP Nikoloz Medulashvili was the expert-facilitator of the field of vocational qualifications development assistance program during preparation of the mentioned educational program.


TECH ENGINEERING GROUP is staffed with highly-qualified personnel, constantly undergoing refresher courses and meeting all professional requirements of modernity.

Young administration team of the Company constantly works on adoption of modern standards and new technologies.

Each employee of the Company is oriented to creation of maximal comfort for a customer by teamwork principle.

Experienced engineering and technical group ensures highly-qualified service of each facility within optimal terms.



TECH EINGINEERING GROUP is an exclusive distributor of KLEEMANN in Georgia. KLEEMANN is one of the leading European brands worldwide in lift production that uses high quality technologies and special engineering solutions. The KLEEMANN group has a full cycle production in Greece, Serbia and China, and assembly line in Turkey and Russia. KLEEMANN operates through European headquarter and fifteen representative offices worldwide.

TECH ENGINEERING GROUP has been official agent of OTIS for 4 years in Georgia that allowed technical and administrative staff to accumulate important experience later on for effective engineering solutions.  

Since 2019 TECH ENGINEERING GROUP officially represents MASPERO ELEVATORI in Georgia.

TECH ENGINEERING GROUP successfully cooperates with Turkish and Chinese brands for many years, including: Ametal, Delfar, SJEC, that offer quality products and services.